What our clients are saying...

P.K. - Fort Myers, FL
" I knew I needed some guidance with decorating my home as it was 10 years old and in need of a face lift of sorts. It was recommended that I call Barbara. Not only did she help me pull all my wild color schemes together, she taught me how to organize and place things ( mostly with existing items I already had in my home) in order to have better energy flow in all the areas of my home. That was most exciting!!!!! I never knew that there were certain areas in my home that were dead and sucking the energy from me... She helped me correct that, and what a difference!"

C.L. and K.L. - Fort Myers, FL
"We are enjoying our home on a totally different level now and we thank you for your guidance and encouragement to continue on our plan! After our first consultation, we were inspired to start making changes you had suggested based on our intentions. The past four weeks have been a period of great transformation both internally and in our home. We have been motivated by a deep desire to see that this house becomes a place of serenity and new beginnings. We appreciated that you considered our financial situation and recommended changes that would be affordable to us. We found a way to make it work and are so pleased with the results. Great things are beginning to happen to us personally. It is a comfort to know we are moving towards our goals with confidence. This experience has been life chan ging and we look forward to what the future holds."

V. Price, Robb & Stucky - Fort Myers, FL
"Barbara has an exceptional talent for design and style of any project given to her. Her personality and appearance are always professional and show great enthusiasm for every endeavor. She has always been client oriented making sure she is of service to her customers in every possible way."

J.P. Riva Del Lago - Fort Myers, FL
"Barbara Bell saved us when we moved to Fort Myers! My husband and I were desperate to find someone who could coordinate and implement the design for our new home within a short period of time. The condominium was new construction and what we call a "white box" that needed everything from walls in. We sat with Barbara and spoke of what we expected the end product to be-a home that was welcome and comfortable, simple and elegant. Her access to top tier subcontractors was superb and she came in on budget and on time! She far exceeded our expectations. We still enter and sigh with the satisfaction of knowing that our home reflects our lifestyles and our desire for balance and calm in our environment. Barbara is brilliant at interpreting needs and desires and converting them into a customized environment for her clients."

C.K. - Sarasota, FL
"Thank you for creating balance and harmony in my home"

T. M. - Fort Myers, FL
"Barbara Bell completely transformed my office and my career! Before I started working at my new job, my office was used as a temporary space for many people to use. It was used by someone with terrilbe customer service, another one who would shout at clients and co-workers. When I worked in my space, I would never feel peaceful or creative; both of which are a must in my career. I completely lacked focus and concentration in my office. I contacted Barbara and told her I needed a change. I could already feel at ease in our session. I gained ownership of my space and all negative energy was cleared. Barbara helped me with the placement of my furniture to give me ultimate concentration and to increase wealth and success, not to mention harmonious relationships with clients and co-workers. My increased creativity and focus has allowed me to excel in my career. Thank you Barbara for making my office a second home!"

L.P. - Fort Myers, FL
"The Feng Shui work you have done in my home has resulted in many positive changes in my life and my families lives. My husband got a job offer doubling his income, my son who gave us challenges is calmer, my spiritual path has deepened, and my family members have a layer of calmness about them. Most of all Barbara, thank you for being a feng shui consultant and helping people make the changes they most need in their lives. Thank you for your dedication to my journey, you have always been a phone call away to assist me. May abundance and joy be sent to you in every moment."

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