What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It was first documented over 4000 years ago in the Book of Burial in southern China. The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English. When using the science and art of Feng Shui rules , placing buildings and objects in such a way, it creates a balance between yin and yang. Freely circulating the chi, or breath of life. Feng Shui can show a person the impact that a layout or design of their home or business can have on their lives. By recognizing our environment, places, people, and time, we can learn how the energies of each interact. Feng Shui is a practice of understanding and harnessing these forces of energy to benefit your well-being and to discover more about yourself.

Space Clearing: Awaken Energy

Feng Shui basics or Space clearing is a method you use in your home or office to remove unwanted, negative, or stagnate energy. The most important aspect of space clearing or any part of feng shui is your intention. The more clear and definite you are with your intention, the more successful you will be with your space clearing or any feng shui home application you use in your home. I work closely with home owners that are trying to sell their home or have purchased a foreclosure or short sale home.

Invigorate Your Color Scheme

Color affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually and is one of Feng Shui rules. The colors you use in your home have a direct effect on you. Color is a part of the radiation from the sun and our response to light and color is very deeply ingrained in us. Let Barbara help direct you to the most appropriate use of color, to determine the effect you desire in your home and on you.

Creating A Layout That Flows

Another important consideration in Feng Shui rules is Chi, which is an invisible energy current. A beneficial energy current or flow, travels on a curved, meandering path. Harmful energy current travels in a straight line. Think about areas in your home where chi could be moving to fast. When walking in your front door, is the first thing you see is the back door? Are there any doors in your home that are blocked and will not open fully? Barbara can help you create that flowing furniture layout with the use of beneficial Chi flow.

De-Clutter Your Life

Clutter: an accumulation of things that are no longer needed or loved, but are being kept nonetheless. Clutter can be tied to your identity of fear. Are you identifying yourself with your “stuff”? Is there someone or something you need to let go of in your life? Is your clutter making a statement about who you are? If you throw away the clutter will you feel like you are throwing part of yourself away? A Feng Shui house is free of clutter.
You are not alone.
Fear: the fear of letting go of something or someone in your life. Maybe just fear of the future? Let Barbara guide you in getting rid of your clutter. With encouragement and support, Barbara will help you confront your clutter in your own way and in your own time.

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