Connect deeply with your personal journey.

Make your journey more peaceful and empowering.

As we move through" life" there are interior designs we can implement to make our journey more peaceful and empowering. One of those interior designs is to create an altar in your home or work place. People have created altars since the beginning of time in sacred places, such as churches or temples in which spiritual ceremonies would take place. In our Western world, altars or shrines were erected in these sacred places to preserve the memory of our saints, ancestors, and to honor the loved ones that have past. In recent years, the idea of having private altars in homes and offices has gained increasing popular.

Using Feng Shui rules, Barbara helps her clients determine where in their homes or offices would be the most powerful and sacred area to create an altar. Next, she works with the vision of your dreams and aspirations to determine what objects, symbols or colors to place on the altar. The items you place on your altar are very important and so significant, as they are inspirational and meaningful to you.

An altar can be elaborate, like you would see in a church or it can be as simple as few items, but however it is created, it needs to be meaningful to you, because it is all about you and making your dreams and aspirations come true.

Create the life that you desire.

Abundance meaning, plentiful, more than enough. Isn't that something we all would like to experience?
Work with Barbara to create an altar to invite a "full supply" of abundance. Here is an example of some symbols that can be used.

Heighten your intuition.

Suggestions on why using an experience interior designers to create your altar are designs that could be used to heighten your intuition. Through meditation or yoga, taking time each day to reconnect, can help calm your mind and create harmony in your home and life. 

Walls in your home or office are a great place to display one of the five elements in feng shui, that will aid in your "intention" growth.
Textured wallpaper, stone, grass and cloth are just a few suggestions.

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