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Prosperity, Love and Money with Feng Shui

April 23, 2016

Want to attract love and money into your home? I think this is something we all want.

Wishing for these things is a start, but let me share with you tips some tips with you on how to put these wishes into motion.

Carefully Placing Furniture

For instance in a living room or a great room, furniture should be strategically placed so it is not blocking the flow of energy from one room to another.

Depending on the size of your room, you can float the furniture away from the walls to create a more interesting conversation grouping.

The energy that comes through your front door should meander around objects. You never want the energy to enter through the front door and go straight out the back. The love or money energy that is coming in the front door, we don’t want it to fly out the back door. By giving that energy time to meander and flow, we give it more time to stay in the home.

Relationships Are All about Pairs

If you want to start a new love relationship or grow a stronger one, work within your relationship area or section of your home.

In this area you want to focus on using items or symbol that represent pairs. If your relationship area is in your bedroom, place a pair of decorative pillows on the bed. Put a picture of you and your be loved in a picture frame and place it beside the bed.

If this area is in your kitchen use a pair of beautiful fresh flowers in a vase. Pink flowers would even give it a boost.

You can also use furniture to enhance a relationship. If you have a breakfast bar, use two barstools, not three.

The Symbolism of Colors in Feng Shui

Colors mean various things in feng shui.

Pink is the ultimate love color. Keep in mind, when you are using your symbolic items in your relationship area, use the color pink.

Attracting money in the home can be anything from live plants, wallpaper or fabrics with stripes, or the color green. Anything that represents a vertical movement represents the growth of prosperity. Plants are perfect, they represent growth and they are the color green. Always remember when using live plants or flowers in the home to keep them healthy. You want a healthy relationship with the prosperity you are creating.

The most important thing in feng shui is your intention! When you are selecting items for your home or just rearranging things, ask yourself, “What is my intention in doing this?” By putting intention behind the decision to create the shift in a home, you will move by leaps and bounds to your ultimate goals.

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