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Home Remodeling: The Power of Color

Are you considering a home renovation? Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or entire house, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right colors. Different hues used appropriately can completely transform a space.

Why is color such a big deal and how do you choose the right combination for your home? Let’s explore.

Color Affects Your Mood

When choosing the color of a room, it is important to first determine the types of feeling you would like the room to evoke. For example, do you want those in the room to feel relaxed and at peace? If so, then you more than likely will want to use a shade of blue. On the other hand, shades of yellow are great for improving optimism and happy feelings.

Although it is important to choose colors that evoke the feelings you desire, it is equally essential that you balance the room. The last thing you want is a room that is completely blue; however, what colors work best with a blue color scheme? This is where a professional designer comes into play.

Hire Professional Interior Designers in Fort Myers, Florida

When it comes to choosing the perfect color or color scheme for your home, turn to professional interior designers in Fort Myers. A skilled and experienced designer can see the incredible potential of every room in your house – potential that is easy for you to overlook.

Designers work with color every day and know what combinations work best, allowing you to maximize any space!

From utilizing Feng Shui design to create positive energy for each room in your house to helping you choose patterns and flooring, the Barbara Bell Design Group is here to help you turn your home into a sanctuary.

Contact the Barbara Bell Design Group today to learn more!

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